The child is father of the man – William Wordsworth, 1802

Who would we be without our best childhood memories? The best of the best—the five or six moments which make us who we are? That’s the question that prompted Ed Prence to return to creative writing. And the answer to that question is the story he felt he had to tell. After playing four years of Division I baseball in college and a long, successful career in media advertising, Ed returned to his first love—storytelling!


A friend’s lost childhood

It was a long, overdue visit to a childhood friend, who suffered brain damage and memory loss after a terrible attack of viral encephalitis, which motivated Ed to write the novel he had been carrying around in his head for decades. In The Last Perfect Summer, an inspiring sports and nostalgia novel, the author weaves the lost memories of his closest friend into a compelling story of distorted identity and its effects on the dignity of a man. He draws upon his experiences as a life-long amateur player and his boyhood growing up in a small Western Pennsylvania steel town, where baseball was everything.


Loss and redemption

Ed, who earned a Journalism degree from Duquesne University in 1978, used his life experiences to create the fictional tale of three best friends who learn about loss and redemption, both on and off the baseball field. The Last Perfect Summer returns baby boomers to simpler times, when playing Little League was the most important thing in a boy’s life, and ultimately shaped him into the man he would eventually become.



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